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GS Strategies mission is to offer a wide range of services to services and manufacturing companies in collaboration with professionals from different sectors to improve their financial efficiency and their image in the eyes of their customers. The whole, focused on innovation and sustainable development of the company, its customers and suppliers to improve their environmental footprint.

The price is what you pay.
Value is what you earn.

– Warren Buffett

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Gabriel Surprenant

Young entrepreneur dynamic, passionate, dedicated to work with the customer to bet on the evolution of its business and pleasure to manage his own business.

Management accounting
Financial analysis

Our Services

Virtual Financial Director

Is your business going well and would you like to have a financial hand without incurring the cost of hiring? We are the solution!

Financial analyzes and forecasts

Do you want to have a thorough and understandable analysis of your financial and operational results? This service is for you!

Evaluation of your
cost price

Whether you are a manufacturing or service company, do you really know the cost of what you sell and the margins you make?

Implementation of performance indicators

Do you want to set up indicators that allow you to validate the achievement of your objectives at a glance?

Integration of cloud accounting system

An internet connection is enough to have access to your accounting and operational system. We can therefore focus our energy on providing you with value-added support.


No matter what your current challenges are, we can help you get through the crisis and prepare an action plan to get your business back on track.


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